Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Swap time...

when i heard about this web site

When i check this out it was great idea! i will love to swap with anyone from this world....

So If you think you can swap with me, here's what I would love to receive;

-sweet from japan
-sweet from USA
-Hello kitty (stuff like sweet or bags or purse or toys or stationary or posters or pillow or bedsheet or kid stuff for my two sisters and my brothers or anything
-Ashley Tisdale (CD) or any CD
-Magazine from USA
-knit kit
-Bags and shoes(size 6)
-jeans (size 10)
-Cross-stitch magazines,
-Crochet Magazines (In English)
-Another kind of Craft magazines (In English),
-Craftworks (Things you do),
-Witchy things
-Funny or cute T-shirts (size-m)
-Kitchen stuff
-Dolls or toys
-A whole bunch of kawaii stuff
-Lazytown stuff (my bro love lazytown)
-mobile case
-anything from Claire's Accessories from USA
-Jewellery (Beads, Earrings, Anklets, Neckbands...)

-star hoop earrings
-paint splatter earrings
-neon zebra earrings
-neon teardrop earrings
-neon polka dot earrings
-neon heart earrings
-multi-color circle earrings
-any colour star earrings glitter hoops
-pink crystal hoop earrings
-small rhinestone hoops
-pink chandelier earrings
-sparkly drop pearl earrings
-cherry hoop earrings
-pink monkey earrings

any hair stuff
-black glittery head wrap
-star headband
-Hello Kitty body mist
-silver lip gloss case

-rainbow bangle

Here's what I could send to you; ((picture shown))

- magazines and newspapers or book from wh smith shop.
- Any kind of (sweets, chocolates,..)in london
- Stationery
- cards
- Drinks and food;cookie tea
- toys and cute stuff.
-clothes from peacork
-body stuff
-pattern fabric
-shoes (any size you want)
-postcards(BIG BEN)
anything that you'd like to receive
like this

If you would like to contact me, just send email:
Thank you


melissa said...

hi there!

my name is melissa and im from los angeles,ca. i just sent you an email but ive also decided to leave a comment on your blog as well. i am interested in a swap. here is my gimme your stuff swap list

i hope to hear from you! take care

agnetha said...


Would you like to do a swap with me? I'm Agnetha from Sweden.

Anonymous said...

heyyy fatiyana frm singapore..i wud like to SWAP with u.if ur interested u can email me at

i can offer:
-earrings..ALL KINDS OF THEm
-hello kitty stuffs..
-and many more..u name it and i'll try to get it..

clorofilla said...

Hii ^^
I'm Valentina from Italy and I
would like to swap with you *-*

I wait your news *-*
this is my blog

and this is my mail:

Ciao ! :**

Gwen said...

Hi :) My name is Gwen and I'm a 18 year old girl from the USA. Would you like to swap? I just joined Gimme Your Stuff. If you are interested, Email me:
Please let me know :) Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

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